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Triumph Over Leukaemia

Triumph Over Leukaemia


Author : Amit Kohli

144 pages | Paperback

Section Sewing with Perfect Binding

  • About the Book

    While much has been written about Dr. Prakash  Amte’s societal contributions, this book delves into his personal health journey. Known for his minimalist lifestyle and disregard for his own health, Dr. Amte was diagnosed with hairy cell leukaemia in June 2022. Despite the pain and uncertainty, he emerged victorious.


    This book offers an intimate look at Dr. Prakash Amte’s life, from his childhood to the present day, focusing on his health and the events that shaped his worldview. Despite facing health issues from a young age, he remained steadfast in his commitment to serve in challenging circumstances. Triumph over Leukaemia is more than a biography; it’s an exploration of resilience and dedication in the face of adversity.

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