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About Us

Banyan Tree publishes and distributes multi-lingual books in English, Hindi and other Indian languages. Our books establish the relationship between the living and the non-living and question the predefined notions of an institutionalized world. They offer an understanding of the power of our traditional and cultural roots, which run deep, much like the roots of a Banyan Tree.


At Banyan Tree the reader will find books that challenge the institutionalization of knowledge, culture and traditions; the control and adulteration of food; conventional chemical farming practices and lifestyle habits that are harmful to health. We offer books on Nonviolent Communication, learning, sustainable development, health, natural agricultural practices and ecology.


We strongly believe that ‘nothing can be taught’ and that ‘work is the best teacher’.


Reach us :


(an imprint of Takali)

7, Dhenu Market, 2nd Floor

Indore : 452003, (India)

Tel : +91-731-2531488

Mob : +91-9425904428  |  +91-8989461462

Email :

Website :

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