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Transforming Academic Institutions - my experiments with a human touch
  • Transforming Academic Institutions - my experiments with a human touch

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    The book by Prof Rajeev Sangal, former Director IIT(BHU) and Actg. Vice Chancellor of BHU was released at IIIT Hyderabad on Sunday, 3rd Sept 2023. To view the release function with many insights about the book go to:



    Author : Rajeev Sangal

    ISBN : 978-93-82400-42-4

    408 pages | Paperback

    Section Sewing with Perfect Binding


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    • About the Book

      If academic institutions desire to function with much greater eectiveness what should they do? And if they wish to have an environment of cooperation and harmony, how would such an environment be created? These are the questions this book tries to answer based on real life experiences.

            There are many dierent interests and groups within the institution, coming from dierent strata of society, more than ever before. They add to the diversity and richness. However, when these groups and interests clash, it creates diculties for the institution and its members. It breeds distrust, and at times, results in group violence. The book presents an approach for resolving these.

            There is much talk about the use of technology today. Technology improves functioning and also brings in transparency. But, on the other hand, technology also has the power to spread false ideas and fake events. Add to it the conflict among groups. To deal with all this, dialogue and democracy is the way out. The book describes how it can be done systematically in an environment of mutual trust.

            There are three layers in an institution: (1) systems, (2) culture, and (3) values. The first layer which connects with offices and processes is the most visible one. As a result, work gets done on the former, and the latter two are ignored. This book addresses all the three layers and describes how they can be aligned.
            The book is about managing and leading academic institutions by connecting with people, being sensitive, gaining confidence by one's behaviour and actions, and taking people along through dialogue and understanding. It would be of general interest because the situations occur in every day life.
            Young people running startups or working in jobs can learn how to lead or collaborate with people by connecting with them.


      The book is based on the experiments and experiences of the author when he was the Director of IIT(BHU) at Varanasi, and where he also held the charge of Vice Chancellor of BHU for a few months. He brings with him the knowledge and insights gained earlier by being Director IIIT Hyderabad, and Professor IIT Kanpur.


      The book tells many interesting stories – all from real life. After all, it is about transforming institutions with a human touch.


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