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The Happy Child
  • The Happy Child




    Author :Steven Harrison

    ISBN : 978-93-82400-09-7

    162 pages  |  Paperback

    • About the Book

      Children Naturally want to learn, Steven Harrison asserts in The Happy Child, so let them direct their own education&in democratic learning communities, where they can interact seamlessly with their neighborhoods, their towns, and the world at large. Part social critic, part humanistic visionary, Harrison not only describes a reorientation of education, but the possibility of rethinking our families, communities, and workplaces, and ultimately what gives our children - and all of us - real happiness.


      Contents : Foreword for Indian Edition. Introduction

      Part I : The Happy Child
      1. Learning and Happiness 2. Educating the Whole Child 3. Learning to Fail 4. Who Is the Educator?

      Part II : Education and Fear
      1. Learning without Fear 2. Failing Grades 3. Testing, Testing 4. Learning and Behavior 5. Beyond Fear 6. The Happy Child in the Fragmented World 7. The Failure of Education

      Part III : Democratic Learning
      1. Individual and Society 2. Compulsory Education 3. Forced Curriculum and the Creatures of the State 4. Debate and Decision Making in Learning 5. Freedom and Responsibility: 6. You Can't Have One without the Other


      Part IV : Learning and Belief & The Strange Case of the Missing Reality
      1. Culture and Perspective 2. Thought as Technology 3. Nothing: What You've Been Looking For 4. The New Docudrama Reality: 5. The Merger of Fact and Fiction 6. Everything Is Food for the Mind 7. Sharing Our Disbelief

      Part V : The Heart of Learning
      1. Don't Trust Anyone over Three 2. The Profound Knowledge of Not
      Knowing 3. Spirituality and Learning 4. Mentoring the Heart of Learning

      Part VI : Creating Learning Communities
      1. The Living School 2. Productivity and Happiness 3. The Intentional Family 4. Living Communities 5. Learning Communities

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