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Nonviolent Communication Toolkit for Facilitators

Nonviolent Communication Toolkit for Facilitators



Author : By Raj Gill, Lucy Leu, and Judi Morin

ISBN : 978-93-82400-44-8

392 pages | Paperback

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  • About the Book

    Internationally respected NVC trainers, Judi Morin, Raj Gill, and Lucy Leu have come together to codify more than twenty years of training experience in one hands-on facilitator guide. Whether you’re a new facilitator, a seasoned trainer looking to incorporate a more experiential approach, or a team of trainers, the Nonviolent Communication Toolkit for Facilitators has a wealth of resources for you. By breaking Nonviolent Communication down into 18 key concepts, this toolkit provides succinct teaching tools that can be used on their own for shorter sessions, or combined for a long-term or multi-session training.


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