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Free at Last
  • Free at Last




    Author : Daniel Greenberg

    ISBN : 978-81-920957-7-6

    200 pages  |  Paperback

    • About the Book

      In the late 1960's Daniel Greenberg an American physicist was looking for a child friendly school near Boston for his own children. He couldn't find one. So, a few like minded parents got together and started the Sudbury Valley School.


      This book is simply written, shorn of all educational jargon. It recounts the inspiring story of this marvelous school where children can “just be”. There is no curriculum, no classes, no grades, no coercion, no uniforms, no bells and none of the rituals which define a regular school. Here children are treated as responsible citizens and they carry the burden of their own education. Unless asked, the teachers “stay away” from the children. Here children discover their own innate interests and then gallantly pursue them. And because they chose them, they also rough it out and learn them well. So, children become the true architects of their own education.


      Contents : Introduction. Foreword for Indian edition. Foreword - No One Need Apply 1. And 'Rithmetic 2. Classes 3. Persistence 4. The Sorcerer's Apprentice 5. The Other 'R's 6. Fishing 7. Noah's Ark 8. Chemistry 9. AHunting We Will Go 10. Special Expenditures 11. Fads and Fashions 12. School Corporations 13. Discretionary Accounts 14. Cooking 15. Age Mixing 16. Play 17. The Library 18. Time Enough 19. Learning 20. Evaluation 21. The Lightning Rod 22. The School Meeting 23. Hazards 24. The Honor System 25. The Sporting Scene 26. Camping 27. Committees and Clerks 28. Cleaning 29. The Miracle Budget 30. The Staff 31. Little Kids 32. "Good Kids" and "Troublemakers" 33. Parents 34. Visitors 35. With Liberty and Justice for All 36. The Heart of the matter. Afterword. The Proof of the pudding

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