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Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television
  • Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television




    Author : Jerry Mander

    ISBN : 978-93-82400-16-5

    264 pages  |  Paperback

    • About the Book

      A total departure from previous writing about television, this book is the first ever to advocate that the medium is not reformable. Its problems are inherent in the technology itself and are so dangerous—to personal health and sanity, to the environment, and to democratic processes—that TV ought to be eliminated forever.

      Weaving personal experiences through meticulous research, the author ranges widely over aspects of television that have rarely been examined and never before joined together, allowing an entirely new, frightening image to emerge. The idea that all technologies are "neutral," benign instruments that can be used well or badly, is thrown open to profound doubt. Speaking of TV reform is, in the words of the author, "as absurd as speaking of the
      reform of a technology such as guns."


      Jerry Mander holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Economics, spent 15 years in the advertising business. After quitting commercial advertising, he achieved national fame for his public service campaigns, leading the Wall Street Journal to call him "the Ralph Nader of advertising." He is the author of In the Absense of the Sacred (Banyan Tree) and has recently edited a book with Edward Goldsmith called The Case Against the Global Economy.

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