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Non-Stick Pans Can Cause Sickness

Non-Stick Pans Can Cause Sickness




Consumers' Association of Penang

ISBN:  978-983-3083-24-4
Book size: 110 x 141mm
Pages: 80



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  • About the Book

    Today, after over 50 years of use worldwide, many questions are being raised about Teflon’s possible long-term health effects — like cancer, birth defects, raised cholesterol, heart disease, fever, shortness of breath, chills, backache, headache, etc. A chemical used to make Teflon is now being considered by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a potential health risk as there is evidence that it is carcinogenic, inducing liver tumours in animal tests.

    The chemicals in Teflon do not biodegrade; they accumulate in people, animals and the environment. The chemicals that leak from Teflon pans during cooking may be more harmful to the environment and human health than DDT. The offgased chemicals include a chemical warfare agent, 2 carcinogens, 2 global pollutants, and a chemical lethal to humans at low doses!

    In the book:

    •   PFCs in Children’s Blood.
    •   Health Risks to Consumers.
    •   Ultrafine Particles Pose Risks Too.
    •   Teflon Can’t Stand the Heat.


    Non-Stick Pans Can Cause Sickness  /  Teflon Decomposition Products  /  Ultrafine Particles Pose Risks Too  /  Teflon Can’t Stand the Heat  /  If Teflon Is Indeed Unsafe, Surely It Wouldn’t Be Sold?  /  Unlearned Lessons From the Past  /  Teflon Kills Birds  /  DuPont Lies  /  How DuPont Misleads Consumers  /  Industry Cover-Up  /  Worldwide Contamination  /  PFCs in Children’s Blood  /  Health Risks to Consumers  /  Poisoned with Teflon  /  Brief Guide on Cookware  /  There’s Teflon in Everything!  /  How to Protect Yourself

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