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Low-Level Radiation

Low-Level Radiation




Consumers' Association of Penang

ISBN: 978-983-308-301-5
Book size: 140 x 110mm
Pages: 180

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  • About the Book

    An invisible health hazard is now spreading out of control worldwide. It’s an environmental threat as insidious as tobacco and asbestos; and as serious as toxic wastes and global warming.

    It can cause leukemia in children, and breast and brain cancer in adults; and is linked to scores of health and medical problems (heart problems, chest pains, nervous disorders, birth defects, miscarriages, cataracts, Alzheimer’s Disease, stress, chronic fatigue, headache, nausea, etc).

    It is the most damaging form of pollution facing mankind today, and may threaten our very existence on earth.

    THE THREAT: Man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Find out what it is, where it lurks, how it can harm you, and what you can do to minimize your exposure and risks.

    Our Daily Sources of EMF Radiation

    • Mobile Phones.

    • Telecommunication Towers and Base Stations.

    • Computers.

    • Television Sets.

    • Microwave Ovens.

    • Power Lines. Household and Medical Equipment.

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